Stirling Silver Keepsake Necklace

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  • Stirling Silver Keepsake Necklace

    'The perfect keepsake for any mother'

    'Connected By Heart'

    Who are you connected by heart to? Your children, your husband, your wife, your best friend or partner?

    This is a perfect keepsake to connect you by heart to the people you love.

    A perfect Birthday or Christmas present for someone very special.

    Each dainty hammered ring represents a person you love plus you. We can do smaller rings to represent children and larger ones for adults. This main picture shows four rings, two smaller ones and two larger ones for a little family of four.

    The rings are then encased altogether with a hand crafted heart forever.

    Every piece of our jewellery is handmade with care and love by Wayne and Tara here at Ruby and Wonder.

    Each of our pieces is individually hand forged, hand crafted, hand cut from solid 925 sterling silver and made to order. As each piece is individually made by us there will be slight variations making it completely unique to you.

    We source our 925 solid sterling silver from a reputable and trusted UK supplier.

    Ready to ship in 3–5 business days

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About the Seller

Welcome to Ruby and Wonder. We had always dreamt of a workshop in the garden where we could go and create and after lots of research we came across silversmithing. Wayne being a car restorer and repairer he knew so much about metalsmithing that silversmithing slotted into place easily. Fast forward to now, we now make jewellery every day and we love it. We love a custom piece, its always so exciting working with an idea and bringing it to life. We often get asked where the name ?Ruby and Wonder? came from. Well, I always knew I wanted something non-specific and a tad whimsical. Ruby was the name we had chosen for our daughter born in 2007 but Kaiser Chiefs decided to bring out their famous hit 'Ruby' just before she was born so we had a quick change of name!! So instead our new (baby) business has the name Ruby. The ?Wonder? is my whimsical addition and Wayne?s moments of wonder with aluminium are where the business began! Thank you so much for reading our story, we look forward to making you your very own little piece of wonder. Tara and Wayne x

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