Shower Of Butterflies Framed Artwork

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  • "A Shower Of Butterflies" is a delightful and colourful butterfly art, which will be perfect for a girls room decor! Symbolising transformation and change, butterflies are the perfect embodiment of the development and metamorphosis of teenagers! 

    Each component is carefully cut out of beautiful Japanese chiyogami papers which are vibrant and luminescent. The butterflies wings are lifted to give a sense of movement and a 3D effect. Some of the colours and placement of the shapes may vary from the image shown, guaranteeing that each piece is unique.

    It comes in a delicate white box frame which can be hung or placed directly on a table or shelf.

    Each artwork is signed in the bottom right corner. Frame size: 25 x 25cm

    The artwork is carefully packaged using bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box to ensure it's safe arrival!

    Items shipped within the UK, will be sent Royal Mail First Class. Ready to post in 3-5 business days and P&P included.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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About the Seller

I'm Natasha and Natsula Designs was born out of a desire to live a fulfilled and happy life. Drawing inspiration from nature, colour and form, I draw and cut each component by hand, creating artworks that are individual, imaginative and full of movement. I derive a great deal of happiness and tranquility from creating my artworks and I hope that this serenity is transferred to them, and that, in turn they will uplift and bring happiness and light into your homes. My precision and attention to the detail of each component guarantees that every work is unique. I love working with paper as it allows me to be absolutely precise with my incisions, and as my intent is to create movement not only in the subject matter but also within the medium, paper lends itself wonderfully to manipulation so that the birds or the butterflies literally take flight. I use predominantly Japanese chiyogami papers for their vibrant colours and luminescence, as well as Italian fine papers to reflect my heritage. I'm a half Italian/half English mama to a wonderful fur baby named Sula. I'm passionate and enthusiastic about a great many things and use my hands a lot when talking! I'm an avid diver and lover of the ocean and all that resides beneath the waves. Much of my inspiration for my artworks comes from the ocean and nature. I'm not the most patient person, but when I'm creating my artworks, I transcend to a perfect place of bliss and contentment.

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