Our Story…

Here at Walter and May I curate the best in British designed lifestyle gifts, from homewares to jewellery and children’s clothes. A gift for every occasion, W & M brings inspirational products to you through the website and NEW! York shop. 

Walter and May’s story began when Founder, Beth Elsdon rediscovered her love for art and design while working in London, having studied art at university.

I would paint at every spare moment ( I was living alone in London and couldn't afford to do anything else !)  Soon friends and colleagues were asking for my paintings and it was then that I totally fell in love with the feeling of creating something that would in turn be hung proudly in someone’s home, and that was a pretty powerful thing.

Fast forward a few years and I moved  back home to Yorkshire   and welcomed my first little human Jack in to the world and a couple of years later Polly joined him too.

Working in the corporate world, I still felt the need to find creative outlet. I wanted to create a brand which helped to support people just like me, creatives looking to sell their products with a brand who understood. 

Keen to instil hard working values and create a legacy that my little family could be proud of, I decided to  name the brand after their middle names, Jack  Walter and Polly May, alas Walter and May was born.  

I’m all about supporting independent designers and brands to help them grow while bringing their beautiful products to you, our super lovely customers .


What we’re about…

Great service

You are our priority. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I will!

Personable service

There’s a person behind this website, Hi! I’m Beth. Let me help  

Passionate about supporting independents


We LOVE British. Simple

Join the team! 

 If you're an independent brand with lovely lifestyle gifts, we'd love to here from you!  Pop us an email at info@walterandmay.co.uk and we'll be in touch for a chat!