White Pocket Square with Blue Trim

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    Our upcycled sailcloth pocket squares are elegant, soft and luxurious, made from the sailors equivalent to silk - spinnaker sailcloth.  

    Each pocket square is crafted from the main body of the sail, finished with a rolled hem and may or may not include panel seams, adding to each pieces individuality. 

    This sail has been used all over the Solent on the south coast of England and exposed to the sea and the elements for many years. The spinnaker sailcloth has now softened beautifully to make a wonderfully tactile and flowing pocket square that holds it's shape well in your pocket for you to enjoy for many years. 


    Your Pocket Square 

    Your pocket square is made with white upcycled sailcloth and finished with a deep blue rolled hem. 

    It measures approximately 12 inches (30cm) square. 

    Pocket Squares, otherwise known as a handkerchief or pocket hankie or pocket hanky are the perfect addition to any suit jacket, blazer, sports coat or dinner jacket whether you're going to work, to a party, out on the town or just want to be more dapper. 

    It would be perfect for a nautical wedding as a groom accessory or best man accessory or perhaps for a friend, family member or loved one as a sailing gift or nautical gift. 


    Your Pocket Squares Story 

    The "1st Hoist" Collection of upcycled sailcloth handkerchief, takes 'Sails and Stories' on our maiden voyage bringing upcycled pocket squares to you all, just like the first time you pop up your spinnaker, we are really excited to see this new range of men's wear nautical gift hoisted into your jacket pockets! 

    Your pocket square is made from the spinnaker cloth from an RS400, a fantastic 2-person hiking asymmetric dinghy. We don't know much more about this lovely spinnaker, other than it was made by Hyde Sails and has been exposed to all that RS400 sailing and the Solent have to offer. 

    The spinnaker cloth had aged to a lovely off-white and had red and blue edging. There was some rust and scuff marks and the poor thing had a nasty rip on one of the central panels that had been patched. 


    Thank You 

    By purchasing this upcycled sailcloth pocket square you are saving it from landfill and allowing it's history and story to live on; for that I am very grateful, thank you so much!

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About the Seller

Born out of a passion for sailing and the stories told at the bar, our hand-crafted upcycled sailcloth pocket squares are tailored to immortalise those memories and steer you on great adventures. We only use old sails, mainly spinnakers (it's the sailing equivalent to silk!). These are sails that have been exposed to the elements, blown by the wind, sailed hard, raced hard, cruised into the sunset, battled winter storms and drifted on the summer breeze. Each collection is a limited edition of unique, individual pieces created from one sail, embodying the spirit of the wind and each telling their own sailing story. Our pocket squares are approximately 12" square (6? for our Junior versions), lovingly hand made by us while we dream of sailing and perfect to make your jacket stand out from the rest of the fleet. I am Ant Clay the creator of Sails & Stories and a lifelong sailor who has always been inspired by the wind and water and everything to do with sailing.

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