Anxiety Labradorite Healing Bracelet

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  • ∞ made with jewellery wire and finished with a lobster clasp (silver-plated)
    ∞ features frosted Crystal Quartz and filigree beads (silver-plated)

    Gemstones used in this bracelet:-
    • TIGER EYE: “calming and releases stress; aids the overanxious... relieves stress”.
    • ANGELITE: “dispels fear, anger and anxiety, converting them into faith and tranquility”.
    • AMETHYST: “effective tranquilizer; calm anxiety and draw off physical or psychological pain”.
    • RUTILATED QUARTZ: “heals the past and dissolves the deeper causes of depression and psychiatric disorders, such as phobias or anxiety”.
    • LABRADORITE: “banishes fear, calms an overactive mind”.

    » Measurements are not including clasps
    » Number of gemstones will depend on the length of bracelet chosen


    » Each bracelet is made to order; please allow for slight variances in colour and inclusions as these are natural gemstones.
    » Gemstone/crystal healing should not be used in place of conventional medication (as prescribed by your doctor, a medical professional, or purchased through a pharmacy).


    "101 Power Crystals" - Judy Hall
    "The Book of Stones" - Robert Simmons - Caryl Haxworth

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